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Saatva Classic Mattress Review

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Saatva Classic Mattress Review

Saatva Classic is the most sought-after luxury innerspring mattress and the flagship model of Saatva, a New York-based sleep specialist. Saatva was one of the first companies to enter the luxury online mattress market. It has been synonymous with high-end mattresses at affordable prices.

This is possible due to the fact that Saatva is a completely online-only company, with only three showrooms. It claims that it will make big savings on materials and manufacturing, and avoids having to pay storefront prices. The Saatva Classic’s cost is certainly impressive for its quality and materials.

The price of the Saatva Classic has increased for all sizes recently. The twin size is still available at the same price. However, the queen size has gone up $100 to $1,695 from $1,595. The Saatva Classic mattress was once the most expensive adult-size mattress in the brand’s range. However, the Modern Foam mattress has been quietly introduced last year and is now the most affordable. It starts at $795.

The Modern Foam is not as customizable as it can be. The Saatva Classic has three firmness options, and a customizable depth of 11.5 or 14.5 inches. What’s the experience like sleeping on it? To help you choose the best mattress for you, we reviewed the Saatva Classic (luxury-firm version). Two of our reviewers used the Classic (luxury-firm) for two weeks. The Saatva was tested by two other reviewers for more than a year, even during pregnancy.

You can try the Saatva Classic mattress by taking a 180-night test drive. You also get free delivery and setup in your bedroom, as well as a 15 year warranty. Saatva will even take away your old mattress free of charge. You should also keep an eye on the Saatva mattress sales and discounts guide, as there are some great offers.

The company has received a number of industry awards, including approval from Congress of Chiropractic State Associations and a sustainability award.

In our detailed review, you will find out how the Saatva Classic mattress performed.



Saatva Overview

Saatva Classic hybrid innerspring mattress is made with eco-friendly foams, and durable dual steel coil support systems. This is the most loved mattress by Saatva. It provides optimal spine support and reduces back and joint pain.

The Saatva Classic mattress is unique in that it offers a wide range of customization options. It is available in twin sizes, as well as split California king sizes. There are two depth options – 11.5 and 14.5 inches. You can also choose from three firmness levels: medium (‘luxury soft’), firm (‘firm’), and soft (Saatva calls them ‘plush soft). We tested the luxury firm 11.5 inch version of the Saatva Classic mattress for our review.

Saatva’s other key advantage is its ability to deliver the Saatva Classic mattress directly to your door, unlike many online-only competitors.

Saatva instead offers white glove delivery for free. A local shipping company will deliver and set up your mattress in your room, and then remove your old mattress if necessary. This makes it easier, but also means Saatva can give Classic more springs than bed-in-a box mattresses. The Classic will feel more traditional and bouncier.

Five distinct features are found in the Saatva Classic. The top features include a luxurious Euro pillow cover made of organic cotton that provides more cushioning than standard pillows. It has an antimicrobial fabric treatment that helps it stay fresh.

The next layer is made up of individually wrapped 14.5 gauge coils. This will allow you to shape the mattress to your body. It will provide tailored support and reduce motion transfer.
These are placed on top of strong, durable 13 gauge tempered steel support coils which have been oven heated. They aim to prevent the mattress’s sagging over time. These two layers of coils create a dual support system that allows air to flow through the mattress and keeps you cool at night.
To provide pressure relief, the Saatva Classic mattress has two back support enhancements. The active wire support provides Saatva’s “lumbar zone” technology; the memory foam layer helps to relieve tension in your lower back.

A foam encasement wraps around your mattress to provide edge support and stabilize it.

Saatva mattresses include a 180-night risk free trial so that you can decide if the Classic is right. Saatva will pick the mattress up from you if you decide to throw it out for a $99 transport fee. You can also exchange your mattress for a firmer or deeper one for $99 during the trial period.

Saatva mattresses come with a 15-year non-prorated warranty. If there is a defect in the mattress within the first two years, Saatva will replace it for free. Saatva will replace or repair your mattress in years three to fifteen for a $99 transportation fee.


Saatva Classic Video Review



Saatva Classic Features & Benefits

Saatva offers a range of features with their Classic mattress model, offering a range of benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

Supports Back Health & Pressure Relief

Individuals with minor neck and back pain will find the Saatva Luxury Firm ideal. It provides a great balance of support and comfort at a very affordable price.

The Saatva Mattress has significant pressure relieving qualities that are equal or greater than hybrid models. The Euro-top cushioned the mattress’s surface, while the comfort system is padded with pocketed coils that provide deeper contouring.

Amazing Edge Support

For couples, edge support is an important consideration. It could allow one partner to sleep towards the edge of the mattress for the best sleeping surface.

The Saatva is an innerspring mattress that has two sets of coils. It offers incredible edge support, so you should feel totally secure sitting or lying down at the Saatva’s edge.

Motion Isolation

The Saatva Classic’s memory foam layer, along with the different foams and fibers in its pillow top, help to isolate movement better than traditional innerspring mattresses.

However, you may feel movement if there is an aggressive tosser and turner next to you.

Great For Hot Sleepers

The Saatva Classic is one best cooling mattresses For hot sleepers.

Saatva’s dual coil layer allows for generous airflow, which is not possible with all-foam mattresses.

The results are remarkable temperature neutrality.

Improves Sexual Performance

The Saatva Classic innerspring hybrid mattress is ideal for any situation in the bedroom. This mattress has the feel of a cloud, but with the added bounce that coils provide to support all types of activities.

Saatva’s reinforced edge support technology allows you to use every inch of the mattress in all your activities.

Saatva’s spine zone technology means that you won’t have to worry about aches and pains when you go to sleep.

Excellent Value

Saatva provides luxury mattresses at affordable prices.

Saatva is made in the USA with top-quality materials.

You get high-quality, pain-free sleep, great customer service and a sweet delivery deal – all for a fraction of the cost of comparable mattresses.


Saatva Classic Construction

Saatva Construction


The Saatva innerspring mattress has a zoned support system. It is made of coil-on-coil and measures 11.5 inches high.

Cover – The Saatva offers a organic cotton covering, which is breathable and soft. It also features an antimicrobial treatment.

Comfort Layer – The top layer is made of a 3-inch Euro cushiontop. This layer provides pressure relief and cushioning.

Support Layer- A layer of individually wrapped coils in pockets that contour to the body and provide some bounce and airflow.

Zoned Support Layer –There’s a layer of memory foam at the Saatva’s center that provides some pressure relief where it is most needed, in the hips and lower back.

Foundation Layer – The Saatva’s base layer consists of steel coils and foam edge support (wrapped around coils to increase the bed’s area). These coils double the bounce of individual wrapped springs and give you a stronger lift.



Saatva Classic Firmness and Feel

Feel and firmness are the two most important characteristics of any mattress. Let’s find out how firm the Saatva mattress feels for different weights and how it should feel for light, medium, and heavyweight sleepers.

Saatva mattresses come in three firmnesses: Luxury Firm, Plush Soft, and Firm.

Although the pillow top is very soft, the two layers below are firmer. Together, they make the Saatva mattress feel a little firmer than average.

Choose Plush Soft if:

  • Your weight is less than 130 pounds
  • You need a mattress that isolates motion
  • You prefer a plush feel

Choose Luxury Firm if:

  • You can weigh between 130-230 pounds
  • Your partner may have a different body type or prefer a different position
  • You need a balance between contouring and support.

Choose Firm if:

  • You are more than 230 lbs
  • You prefer a firm feel
  • You need extra support in your mattress


Saatva Classic & Bodyweight

Average-Weight Sleepers: 130lbs – 220lbs

Saatva’s Luxury Firm model is a great choice for average-weight sleepers. It provides excellent back support for back sleepers and decent pressure relief for side sleepers. Side sleepers who want a more soft feel may prefer the Plush Soft model.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230lbs

Saatva’s Luxury firm model is designed to support heavyweight back sleepers weighing in at least 230lbs. People who need more support might consider the Saatva HD or the Firm model. These are made for heavy people. The Luxury Firm model should provide adequate pressure relief for heavyweight side sleepers. A more supportive mattress is required by most heavy-weight stomach sleepers.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130 Pounds

Saatva’s Luxury Firm model might be a great choice for light sleepers of all kinds. This model provides excellent support for stomach and back sleepers, and can relieve side sleepers. Some side sleepers may prefer the plush soft model.


Sleep Positions

Back Sleepers

The Saatva is a great mattress for back sleepers due to its combination of a supportive double coil system, a soft pillow top and reinforced lumbar support. The lumbar support prevents the body’s heavier core and keeps it from sinking too far. While the top foam layer is paired with durable support coils, the spine’s natural curve remains.

For light or average-weight back sleepers, we recommend the Luxury Firm and Firm versions. The firm model is recommended for Heavyweight back-sleepers, because it provides a little more support.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers require a bed with generous contouring, which means it will be cradled around pressure points to avoid pain in the shoulders and hips.

The Plush Soft version is recommended for light and medium-weight side sleeping. Side sleepers under 130 lbs might benefit from a mattress with thicker foam layers like a soft memory mattress.

Side sleepers who are heavyweight need a firmer surface. The Luxury Firm balances cushioning with support for larger bodies. The best side mattress for side sleepers has more options.

Stomach Sleepers

The biggest challenge when you sleep on your stomach is to find a mattress that doesn’t allow your hips to dip in too much, causing a misalignment of your spine. Saatva Classic’s two layer coil support system and reinforced Lumbar Support do an incredible job of supporting healthy stomach sleeping.

For stomach sleepers, the Firm or Luxury Firm models will be the right firmness levels. The Firm offers the support and durability required for heavyweightpeople, while the Luxury Firm provides a touch more comfort for lightweightpeople. Some plus-size people may not find the soft top foam layers to be supportive enough. People of average weight are well supported by either the Luxury Firm and Firm options.

Combination sleepers

The Saatva Classic is a good choice if you like to change positions during the night. The Saatva Classic has two layers of innerspring coils that give it a responsive feel and make it easy to change positions.

Your body type, preference for firmness, and preferred sleeping position will determine the Saatva mattress that is right for you. The Firm version is best for people who are heavyweight and plus-size. The Luxury Firm is better for people who prefer to sleep on their side. The Plush Soft is ideal for light and medium-weight people who sleep sideways. If you prefer a more firm feel, the Firm is the best option. The Luxury Firm will give you a more balanced feeling.


Saatva Mattress Pricing

The chart below shows the current sizes and pricing for the Saatva Classic mattress.

Size Dimensions Price
Twin 38″ x 75″ $887.00
Twin XL 38″ x 80″ $1148.00
Full 54” x 75” $1595.00
Queen 60″ x 80″ $1695.00
King 76″ x 80″ $2095.00
California King 72″ x 84″ $2095.00
Split King 76″ x 80″ $2296.00
Split California King Two 38″ x 80″ pieces $2296.00



Saatva Trial Period

Saatva mattresses come with a 180 day sleep trial.

This offer is higher than the industry average, and will allow you to determine if the Saatva mattress is right for you.


Saatva Classic Warranty

Saatva’s warranty is non-prorated for 15 years. This means that they will cover all costs of repairs for the entire 15-year warranty. In the first 2 years, Saatva will replace your mattress with a brand new one.

They will repair or recover your mattress for years 3-15. You only have to pay $99 each way for the transportation costs.

Covered Defects

Manufacturer defects are typically covered by warranties. Other defects that arise from normal use for a predetermined time period are also covered. Each mattress company determines what constitutes a reasonable defect that is covered by warranty.

Saatva’s definitions of defects are not very specific, but they do offer a Fairness replacement option. They do cover surface indentations more than 1 inch deep.

The result of your body’s weight over a prolonged period of time is usually indentations on the mattress surface. For the first three months, rotate your mattress from head to foot once per month. Then rotate it once per season for the next 3-4 months.



People who like an innerspring/hybrid mattress are going to love the Saatva mattress. The Saatva mattress is one of few innerspring mattresses that can be delivered directly to consumers. It’s also comparable in price to top brands like Beautyrest Black, but at a fraction the cost. You can also choose the firmness option to suit your preferences.

The Saatva mattress is a high-end innerspring mattress that offers comfort without being too expensive. The Saatva mattress is available in three options: Luxury Firm, Plush Soft, and Firm. It provides tailored support for both heavier and average sleepers.



Frequently Asked Questions About Saatva Mattress

Is Saatva a good mattress?

The Saatva mattress is very good. It is an innerspring mattress with high-quality components that is supportive and comfortable. It is better suited for stomach and back sleepers as well as those who like to sleep on top of their mattress.

Who made the Saatva mattress

Saatva is the manufacturer of the Saatva mattress. They also make the Loom and Leaf and Solaire mattresses.

How long can the Saatva mattress last?

The Saatva is made of high-end components, and has a durable construction. It should last at most 7-10 years.

Where are Saatva mattresses made?

Saatva mattresses are made in the USA. The company actually has 19 factories.

Do I need a box spring with Saatva?

Yes. Saatva recommends that customers place their mattress on a foundation or box spring to provide the best support. Important: Saatva may void your warranty if your King or queen-sized bed is not placed on a boxspring that provides adequate center support.

Is Saatva a good choice for side sleepers?

Side sleepers who need pressure relief and support can find the Saatva a good choice. If they aren’t heavy enough to compress the mattress, however, side sleepers who are not very light may not like the Saatva Luxury Firm. For these lightweight sleepers, the Plush Soft model may be a better choice.

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