Saatva Mattress Return Policy: Read BEFORE Buying!

When you’re thinking about splurging on a mattress, it’s not just the quality of the product that matters. Equally important is knowing the ins and outs of the company’s return policy. This holds especially true for Saatva, a top-tier mattress brand celebrated for its high-end offerings and customer-centric approaches. Saatva’s Mattress Return Policy is a beacon in the market, providing a cushion of assurance for customers who might discover that their selected mattress isn’t the perfect fit they imagined.


In this all-encompassing guide, we’ll peel back the layers of the Saatva Mattress Return Policy. From their impressive 365-night sleep trial to the nitty-gritty of how to go about a return or swap, we’ve got it all covered. Plus, we’ll sprinkle in some handy advice to make your return journey as seamless as possible and shed light on Saatva’s commendable approach to handling returned mattresses.

So, if you’re toying with the idea of bringing a Saatva mattress into your sanctuary or are already enjoying one, this piece will arm you with every detail you need about Saatva’s return policy. This way, you can navigate your investment with confidence and clarity.


Understanding the Saatva Return Policy

When you bring home a Saatva mattress, you’re not just getting a place to rest; you’re also securing peace of mind. A big chunk of this assurance comes from Saatva’s well-thought-out return policy, which is all about keeping customers happy and confident.

The 365-Night Sleep Trial

One of the standout features of Saatva’s policy is their generous 365-night sleep trial. It means you get to snuggle up with your new mattress for an entire year before deciding if it’s a keeper. This trial span overshadows many competitors, who usually give you a window of 90 to 120 nights.

From the moment your mattress arrives at your doorstep, the clock starts ticking, giving you a full year to truly get to know your mattress and decide if you two are a perfect match.

Eligibility for Returns

If you’re thinking of making a return, there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, your mattress should be in a state that’s good enough for someone else to use, meaning no rips, no coffee spills, and no mysterious stains. Also, Saatva asks that you spend at least 30 nights with your mattress before thinking of a breakup.

This 30-day window is super important. Sometimes, it takes a while for our bodies to get used to a new sleeping surface.

The $99 Transportation Fee

Saatva’s return policy might be big-hearted, but there’s a tiny detail to remember: the $99 transportation fee. If you decide to return your mattress, this amount gets subtracted from your refund. It’s a small cost, especially when you think about the convenience of having someone come to your home to pick up the mattress and the peace of mind knowing the return process will be smooth sailing.


How to Return a Saatva Mattress

Deciding that your Saatva mattress isn’t quite the dreamy fit you hoped for? No worries. Saatva has made sure that the return process is as hassle-free as possible. Let’s walk through the steps to ensure a smooth return:

Step 1: Contact Saatva

Kick off the return by getting in touch with Saatva’s friendly customer service team. Dial up (877) 672-2882, and when you do, keep your original order number close by. You’ll need it to set the return ball rolling.

Step 2: Arrange a Pick-Up Time

Once you’ve had a chat with Saatva, keep an eye on your inbox. Within a week, you should receive an email to fix a date and time for the mattress pick-up. While the available slots might differ depending on where you live, Saatva’s goal is to make this as smooth and convenient for you as possible.

Step 3: Pick-Up Day

When the day to bid adieu to your mattress arrives, make sure you’re around for the pick-up. No need to wrestle with packaging; Saatva’s crew will take care of it all. Just a heads up: swapping the old mattress for a new one on the same day might be a bit tricky, but Saatva will do their best.

Step 4: Refund Process

After your mattress heads back to its Saatva home, the ball starts rolling on your refund. It might take up to a week for Saatva to process the refund, and then another 3-5 days for the money to land back in your bank. And don’t forget, there’s that $99 transportation fee that’ll be taken out of your refund.



Exchanging a Saatva Mattress

Saatva doesn’t just stop at returns; they’ve got a full-fledged exchange policy in place too. If you’re feeling that the mattress you picked isn’t the dream match you hoped for, but you’re still keen on a Saatva sleep experience, an exchange might be the way to go. Here’s a breakdown of the steps:

Step 1: Contact Saatva

Starting off on a familiar note, reach out to Saatva’s customer service. Let them know you’re leaning towards an exchange and share your original order number to get things moving.

Step 2: Choose a New Mattress

Time for round two of mattress shopping! Saatva’s lineup boasts a range of mattresses, each with its unique feel in terms of firmness and height. So, take your pick. If your new choice has a heftier price tag than the original, you’ll need to cover the extra cost.

Step 3: Arrange a Pick-Up and Delivery Time

With your new mattress picked out, Saatva will coordinate with you to set up a time to swap the mattresses. They’ll whisk away your first choice and bring in the new contender, streamlining the whole process for you.

Step 4: Pay the Transportation Fee

A quick note on fees: exchanges come with a $99 transportation charge. This covers the journey of your first mattress back to Saatva and the delivery of your new sleep partner to your home.

Always remember, Saatva’s mission is to ensure you’re over the moon with your mattress choice. Whether you’re returning or exchanging, they’re on hand to make the journey smooth and stress-free.


Tips for Returning a Saatva Mattress

Navigating a mattress return might seem daunting, but with Saatva, it’s a breeze. To make things even smoother, here are some pointers to guide you through the process:

Give Your Body Time to Adjust

Switching to a new mattress can be a bit of a change for your body. It’s a good idea to give yourself some time to get used to it. Saatva suggests a 30-day period before considering a return. This window allows you to really get a feel for the mattress’s comfort and support levels.

Keep Your Mattress in Good Condition

For a successful return, your mattress should be in a state that’s good enough for someone else to use. That means no rips, no coffee spills, and no mysterious stains. A mattress protector can be a lifesaver in this regard, helping keep your mattress pristine.

Be Prepared for the $99 Transportation Fee

A quick heads-up: there’s a $99 transportation charge that comes with returns. This fee covers the cost of picking up the mattress from your home. It’s a small price for the convenience and peace of mind Saatva offers.

Consider an Exchange

Not feeling the love with your current Saatva mattress but still keen on the brand? Think about swapping it for another model. Saatva’s range has a variety of mattresses, each with its unique feel. You might just find another one that’s a better fit.

Contact Saatva’s Customer Service

Got queries or feeling a bit unsure about the return? Saatva’s customer service team is just a call away. They’re ready to assist, offering guidance and making sure your return journey is as seamless as possible.



Personal Experiences with Saatva’s Return Policy

While the official return policy provides clarity, there’s something invaluable about hearing firsthand accounts from customers who’ve walked the return path. Here are some real-life tales from those who’ve been there:

Reddit User’s Experience

A certain Reddit user took to the platform to narrate their journey with Saatva’s return process. They decided to part ways with their Saatva mattress after a mere two weeks. During their call to Saatva, the representative tried to convince them to reconsider, but they stood their ground.

The subsequent wait for the delivery company to get in touch and set up a pick-up took about a week to ten days. This period of silence left the user a tad puzzled, prompting them to double-check with Saatva’s customer service.

But once the pick-up wheels were in motion, everything went off without a hitch. Their advice to fellow Saatva customers? Stay patient during this interim period and don’t hesitate to ring up customer service for any clarifications. 1

CBS News Reviewer’s Experience

A CBS News reviewer penned down their mattress shopping saga, which involved both Casper and Saatva. While they sampled mattresses from both brands, one had to go.

The Saatva mattress won their heart, with its luxurious pillow-top and the coil layer that ensured a cool, comfy sleep. On the other hand, the Casper mattress, they felt, was a tad too soft for their preference, leading them to return it. 2

These tales underscore a couple of key takeaways: the sleep trial is there for a reason, so use it to ensure you’ve got the perfect mattress match. And while the return journey might have a few waiting periods, in the end, it’s a smooth sail with Saatva.


What Happens to Returned Saatva Mattresses?

When you think about returning a mattress, a natural follow-up question is: where does it go next? Mattresses are sizable items, and it’s not as simple as tossing them in the trash. Saatva, being a conscientious brand, has a well-thought-out strategy to manage returned mattresses in a way that’s both eco-friendly and ethical.

Donation to Charities

First and foremost, Saatva’s go-to move with returned mattresses is to donate them to charitable organizations. This approach serves a dual purpose. Charities benefit from receiving top-notch mattresses for their facilities or to pass on to those who could use them. Simultaneously, this ensures these mattresses steer clear of landfills, aligning with Saatva’s eco-conscious ethos.


If, for some reason, donation isn’t feasible, Saatva doesn’t just shrug and move on. They collaborate with specialized recycling firms to make sure the materials within the mattresses are recycled appropriately. This initiative further solidifies Saatva’s dedication to a greener planet.

No Reselling

A crucial point to highlight is that Saatva never puts returned mattresses back on the sales rack. So, when you invest in a Saatva mattress, you’re guaranteed a fresh, untouched product.

Saatva’s method of managing returned mattresses isn’t just a logistical decision. It’s a testament to their commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical business operations, making them a standout choice in the mattress market.



Understanding Saatva’s Warranty

When you invest in a Saatva mattress, you’re not just getting a luxurious sleep surface. You’re also backed by a solid warranty that speaks volumes about Saatva’s trust in their products. Let’s delve into the specifics of this warranty:

Warranty Length

Saatva stands tall with a lifetime warranty on all their mattresses. This includes their flagship Saatva Classic mattress and the Loom & Leaf, a premium memory foam mattress celebrated for its superior pressure relief and robust edge support. It’s essential to note that this warranty is exclusively for the original buyer, so it’s a good idea to retain all purchase documents.

What’s Covered

Saatva’s warranty assures that every mattress they craft is devoid of defects. If, by any chance, a mattress exhibits flaws in its craftsmanship or materials within the first 2 years, Saatva will replace it with a brand-new one, absolutely free. This replacement will mirror the original in terms of model, make, and firmness.

From the third year onwards, Saatva commits to repairing and re-covering your mattress, with a processing fee of $149. If your mattress shows body impressions that exceed 1.5 inches, that’s covered by the warranty too.

Fairness Replacement Option

Saatva introduces a unique ‘Fairness Replacement Option’ for those who’d rather get a new mattress than have their current one repaired after the initial 2 years. Opting for this means you retain your original mattress. Here’s how it works:

  • Years 3-5: Saatva delivers a brand-new mattress, charging 40% of the original price you paid.
  • Years 6-10: You get a replacement mattress for 60% of the original price.
  • Years 11-15: Saatva provides a new mattress for 80% of the initial price.

For all replacements under this option, a $99 processing fee applies. The replacement will be identical to the original Saatva mattress in terms of model, size, and firmness. It’s worth noting that this replacement doesn’t come with the 365-night trial and is considered a final sale.

How to Make a Warranty Claim

Should you ever need to stake a warranty claim, Saatva has made it hassle-free. Reach out to their customer service via email at or give them a call at (855) 760-6234. For those who prefer instant responses, Saatva also offers a 24/7 chat feature on their website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the world of mattresses can be a bit overwhelming, especially with so many options and features to consider. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions specifically about Saatva mattresses:

What types of mattresses does Saatva offer?

Saatva boasts a diverse lineup of top-tier mattresses, encompassing innerspring, memory foam, and latex varieties. Each mattress type is meticulously crafted, offering distinct features and advantages to cater to a myriad of sleep needs and preferences.

Does Saatva offer any sleep trials?

Absolutely! Saatva extends a generous 365-night home trial for all its mattresses. This allows you to experience the comfort and support of a Saatva mattress in the coziness of your home for a full year, ensuring it aligns with your sleep preferences.

Does Saatva offer any other products besides mattresses?

Indeed, Saatva’s product range isn’t limited to just mattresses. They also curate a selection of premium bedding essentials, such as sheets, pillows, mattress protectors, and bed frames. Saatva’s holistic approach aims to furnish customers with a comprehensive sleep sanctuary.

How does Saatva handle mattress deliveries?

Saatva prides itself on its complimentary white-glove delivery service for all its mattresses. This premium service encompasses more than just doorstep delivery. Saatva’s team will expertly set up your new mattress in your desired room and, if you wish, they’ll even take away your old mattress, ensuring a seamless transition to dreamy comfort.


Saatva Mattress Return Policy: Wrapping It Up

Investing in a mattress is no small decision, and the assurance of a reliable return policy can make all the difference. Saatva, with its extended 365-night sleep trial and detailed return and exchange guidelines, offers customers the confidence to make their purchase without apprehension.

From the moment you select a Saatva mattress to the potential need for a return or swap, Saatva’s primary focus is on facilitating a seamless and positive experience for its patrons. Their unwavering commitment to customer contentment, paired with their superior product quality and eco-conscious initiatives, positions Saatva as a frontrunner for anyone scouting for a new mattress.

If you’re contemplating a Saatva mattress or are already enjoying the comfort of one, we trust this guide has shed light on Saatva’s return policy intricacies. And always remember, Saatva’s dedicated customer support is just a call or click away, ready to assist with any queries you might have.